With real-time accounting and automated features, Xero is a great tool for any small business owner.

It’s user-friendly enough to get started right away, but it’s also packed with useful features that you might not see at first glance.

Learning to use the software more efficiently now could save you time in the future, too, as Making Tax Digital is likely to see more businesses shift to digital accounting systems.

We’ve listed a few quick tips to save time and boost productivity when you’re using Xero.

Learn the shortcuts

Even if you’re already familiar with the Xero interface, learning some keyboard shortcuts can really speed up the process.

Click the search button or press forward slash (/) then type in one of the shortcut keys featured on Xero’s help centre to jump to the page you need.

Add team members

As your business grows, you can start sharing the workload by adding your colleagues to Xero.

Different people, including our clients, can use the software at the same time, allowing for easy and regular collaboration.

If you’re worried about members of staff making changes to important details or viewing confidential information, you can set up a different level of access for each team member.

Connect with your accountant

This collaborative feature can be set up for advisers, too.

Once your accountant has access, they can log in to your account at the same time as you, making it easy to talk through your figures.

If you’re a client of ours, just give us a call or an email for accounting support. You can also email us directly from Xero, saving even more of your time.

Link with other apps

Xero is compatible with hundreds of add-ons, from point-of-sale systems to project management.

Whatever task you need to carry out digitally in your business, the chances are you can integrate it with your accounts on Xero.

Talk to us for advice on which add-ons might benefit you, or read more about our five top apps for business owners.

Contact us

Whether you’re new to cloud accounting or thinking of switching from your current system, we can get you up and running on Xero.

We also offer a training service to help you make the most of the software. Talk to us about our Xero accounting service.