Whether you’re struggling with the burden of tax reporting or fed up of using outdated software, now could be the right time to assess how you keep your accounting records.

Many business owners are tempted to put this decision off. After all, choosing from all the products out there and transferring your data to a new system can seem a difficult prospect.

In reality, it’s far easier than you’d think – and it makes more sense to change now than to waste time dealing with technology that simply doesn’t work for you.

For us, Xero is the clear winner when it comes to choosing digital accounting software, combining cutting-edge features with a user-friendly interface.

If you’re not convinced, here are five signs your business could benefit by switching to Xero.

1) You have no time on your hands

Recording your expenses, creating invoices and sorting out your accounting admin – all of these things take up valuable time.

Xero makes it quick and easy to update your information from day to day, while also streamlining tedious bookkeeping tasks.

2) You’re running into cashflow problems

Maintaining a healthy cashflow is essential to running any business, and effective forecasting requires fully up-to-date information – something Xero is perfect for.

On top of this, Xero’s invoicing feature can help speed up your payment system, with invoice templates, automatic reminders and online payment options.

3) You’re not ready for Making Tax Digital

If the looming prospect of Making Tax Digital (MTD) is keeping you up at night, the first thing to look at is the way you maintain your accounting records.

Xero has been approved by HMRC for MTD-compliance, and can make the switch to digital reporting much easier.

4) You’re drowning in paperwork

Lost receipts and piles of paper don’t need to be a worry for you anymore. With Xero, everything you need is stored securely online, making it safer, simpler and easier to access.

Instead of stashing away all your receipts and papers in a shoebox to bring to us, you can capture them in a photo on your phone or tablet, and add them to Xero right away.

5) You’ve outgrown your current software

As your business grows, the software you started out with might no longer have all the features you need.

That might be because you’ve employed more staff and need to delegate accounting tasks, or simply that the needs of your business have become more complex.

Xero allows an unlimited number of users to access the same account for free, so it can handle all the needs of your growing business.

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Dealing with your accounts doesn’t have to leave you with a mountain of work – with the right software, it can be much more manageable.

As Xero Silver Partners, we can help you with a speedy set-up, and we’re happy to answer any questions or training needs you have.

Read our top 10 points on how Xero accounting software can help your business, or speak to us for more information.